Why Does My Cockapoo ​​Bark At Other Dogs?

For many owners, going out to walk their dogs in the street or in the park is quite an odyssey, and there are a large number of dogs that when they see others of the same species start barking at them. This is very disturbing to the owners, who try in every possible way for the animals to stop barking and continue walking peacefully. The barking of dogs in this case is a behavior that demands the attention of all the people who are near the place and that the owners want to avoid at all costs.

Reasons Why Dogs Bark At Other Dogs

Dogs bark for different reasons, which is why it is advisable to observe their behavior or posture to determine the cause of their imminent barking in order to know how to stop it. But these reasons are not always negative, since it may be that your dog barks when he is happy or wants to play. Pay attention to your body’s signals.

  • One of the reasons why the dog barks at other dogs are because they want to play with them. On many occasions, dogs bark to socialize with other dogs and it is their way of communicating. Your dog’s gaze when he wants to play is tender and his ears are up, like when you are going to do something to him and he is very excited looking at you attentively.
  • It is possible that the dog has felt a threat from other dogs and therefore is alert and barks. If he shows his teeth and has his ears tilted back, he is really angry.

Why Do Dogs Bark At My Cockapoo ​​A Lot?

If when you go outside you notice how other dogs bark at your cockapoo, perhaps the reason is that they feel threatened by it. They see it as an animal from which they must protect themselves, or it is possible that they bark at it for wanting to socialize and play with him.

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My Dog Is Eating Poop!

Coprophagia is the name given to the dog’s act of eating feces.

The act of eating feces can be bad for your Golden Retriever’s health since feces are among the main sources of contamination of some diseases such as giardiasis and worms.

After evaluating your Golden Retriever by your trusted veterinarian, ruling out the possibility of nutritional deficiencies or problems with nutrient absorption, we can attribute the cause as behavioral.

Diet-related causes:

  • Diets with low or high levels of protein
  • Diets very high in carbohydrates and fiber
  • Insufficient diet

Due to Pathologies:

  • Presence of parasites (worms and/or protozoa)
  • malabsorption syndrome
  • chronic pancreatitis

Behavioral Causes:

  • Dogs that have given birth eat the feces of the puppies to keep the place clean
  • Anxiety, stress
  • Bored dogs
  • To get attention
  • To prevent the owner from punishing them when they relieve themselves in unauthorized places
  • Separation Anxiety – Dogs who are left alone for long periods
  • Confined dogs, especially in small spaces

To try to fix the problem, we must take some steps:

  • Offer only balanced and quality rations
  • For animals that eat Natural food, the menu must be prepared by a Nutritionist
  • Collect stool immediately after defecation without attracting your Golden Retriever’s attention

If your dog does his business in the wrong place, don’t scold him (negative reinforcement), but reward him when he uses the right place. Some dogs are afraid of being punished after defecating, and end up ingesting their own feces in order to get rid of them! We also recommend not collecting the feces in front of your Golden Retriever, many observe the act and take the side of trying to remove it in your absence, being the only way for them to ingest it.

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Should I hire a pest control company for termites? Benefits


Termites can cause you worries as a homeowner in different ways. I know you might feel that you can control it by yourself but I can assure you that you’ll have a headache trying. This is why it’s advisable to hire a pest control company to manage your termites. Termites are known to multiply quickly to a stage where you won’t be able to manage. Take a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy if you hire a pest control company.

Trained professionals

This means that they have enough knowledge of your termite and how they can handle them. They can determine their behavior and how they tend to hide. Professionals have knowledge and skills to handle an infestation, this is because they have dealt with different kind of problems that gives them enough experience.

These trained termite control experts will carry out an inspection to tell if there are any termites around your home. When looking for a termite inspection in San Diego, always ensure you go for the best.

Saves Money

You might spend a fortune when you decide to buy over the counter insecticides thinking that is a cheaper option. Some time is not easy to determine how effective you can control the termites and get rid of them once and for all. In this case, experts can save you the money and hustle of running up and down. Experts will be able to accurately identify how the pest has affected your home and how to go about it.

Follow-up treatments

By hiring a pest control company you will be able to enjoy extra services such as requesting follow-ups. In some instances, termites might start coming back after treatment which may require you to handle them. The company you engaged in can offer you the services periodically until they handle the situation preventing you from spending an extra coin.

Less Cleaning

When you decide to tackle the termites by yourself there is a high possibility of you doing a lot of cleaning. In the case, you engage the pest control company they will be able to handle the termites with high-level experience living behind less debris that can be a problem to you when you cleaning.

Final words

A large percentage of people around the globe tend to handle termite all by themselves, that’s why it has been reported that the infestation keeps on recurring forcing to repeat the treatment procedure once again. In other cases, the Pest Control Company can deal with the menace once and for all. Considering all these benefits you should therefore hire a pest control company.

What to choose for the Flowers Of Love

You don’t need a college degree to know that roses are considered to be the color of love. They are used on multiple occasions, but specifically during valentines, wedding anniversaries, and other romantic events. However, they are not the only flowers that are considered to be romantic. If you want to go for romantic flowers for your special someone, here are some of the other selections you should consider;

  1. Red Chrysanthemum 

Experts have considered this flower as a top consideration for a romantic event. They are fiery red flowers that specifically depict passion and love. If you want to get some for your lovely lady, you can be sure of putting a smile on her face and letting her know you love her with a Red Chrysanthemum

  1. Matthiola Incana 

This flower comes with a spicy cinnamon and clove scent that is considered to be romantic enough. They can be a pleasant surprise to your valentine too. She might not get the meaning of these flowers, but you should know that they symbolize that unfading beauty with endless happiness. If you tell her the meaning of the flowers, you can be sure of her making them her all-time favorite with the Matthiola Incana flowers

  1. Carnations

These are excellent flowers that are known to symbolize new love and fascination. They are very hearty and would be a good pick if you are getting started with that someone special. The best part is that carnations are very affordable among other romantic flowers.

  1. Tulips

According to flower experts, tulips represent perfect love. They are elegant and have blooms that are easy to identify. Furthermore, tulips happen to be the most popular flowers in the world, even though they are more related to the Netherlands since they were common in the 17th century. Besides that, tulips are known to convey warmth and comfort. They would be a good pick for Valentine’s Day or any other romantic event. They are classic and also very much affordable.

  1. Daffodils

Usually, daffodils are the best pick for that 10th year anniversary. Nevertheless, these flowers can also be used in other romantic events. You can give you special someone a bouquet of daffodils to wish them good luck and happiness for 12 months. This is according to experts – daffodils are known to bring luck.

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How To Handle a New Golden Retriever Puppy

Isn’t it fun to have a new puppy joining the family? You just can’t wait to have the new furry body to be included in the house. But there is a slight problem. Are you ready for him? Do you know how to handle the new dog appropriately? Well, you don’t have to scratch your head over anything because we are here to help you.

Here is a guide to help you on how to handle a Golden Retriever Puppy.

  • Pet the puppy firmly, but avoid the face

A lot of people do not know that a dog doesn’t love his face to be touched. Even when you are trying to bond with your new furry buddy, you might notice that he won’t live it if you are petting his head. Ideally, avoid putting your face in the dog’s face. Also, when you notice that the dog is licking his lips or yawning, it could be a sign that you are getting too close to him. In that case, you will need to back up.

  • Pat the sides gently

You can also pat the side of the dog gently when you want to pet him. When doing it, make that pat firm, but gentle enough. Doing this will tell the dog that you want to play. Therefore, you should only do this if you are ready to spend some time and energy playing with the dog. If you aren’t prepared for some playtime, you shouldn’t do this.

  • Teach the Golden Retriever some commands

As you are handling the dog, it would be great if you would teach him some simple commands. For instance, it is essential for every dog to learn basic commands like sit, lay down, stay, or come. Such commands will keep the dog safe in many situations. Plus, the dog should know how to walk on the leash. If you don’t have an idea of how to carry out the simple commands, attend a training class to help you with it.

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  • Use dog toys to engage the puppy

The dog might most likely love the tug or fetch game. In that case, you can find an ideal dog ball to engage the dog in a game. Besides that, you can use a large rope or any toy at home that cannot rip easily in a game of tug. As you play with the dog, remember that you are the master. So, you must be the one who decides when the games are over. This means that you should teach the dog to respect your call when it is “all done” or “enough.”

You can find plenty of Golden Retriever puppies available for adoption or sale. Just remember to go to the right breeder.


4 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Owning a Dog


Dogs; the third most common pets in America that are well known as ‘man’s best friend.’ Without any doubt, dogs are the most loyal pets that anyone would have. With a dog, you can be sure of having more than just a pet. The dog can be your companion, but he can also be that protection that you might need. But that furry buddy isn’t just to be your guard. Here are other scientifically proven benefits of owning a dog.

  1. Goodbye Sickness

You won’t fall sick as often as you normally do if you have a dog in the house. When you have a dog in the house, there will be more bacteria exposed. While this might seem unhealthy, it actually helps the immune system to distinguish the friendly microbes from the bad ones. As a result, you will have a stronger immune system hence falling ill less often. So yes, bring that furry buddy in if you want to be safe from the common illness.

  1. Better Heart Health

That dog you are about to bring home will help you have a healthy heart. Science shows that keeping a dog at home will significantly lower the blood pressure and heart rate. One study showed that dog owners had reduced risk of coronary artery diseases. Plus, dogs are known to lower the cholesterol and even help the owner survive a possible heart attack.

  1. More Exercise

Did you know that having a dog helps you exercise more? Well, one of the things that a dog needs is to be walked out every day. And who takes him out for a walk? The dog owner. So, be sure of getting around 30 minutes of exercises either through walking or running when you have your dog.

  1. You, Will, Have An Active Social Life

You might wonder how having a dog can help better your social life. Well, assume you are talking your dog out to the park, and you meet someone with a similar dog breed. How likely will the two of you start a conversation? Very likely, to be precise. Having a dog is enough to tell people that you are trustworthy and sweet. Some relationships have even kicked off because the two became friends through the dog. So if you have a dog, you can be sure of attracting more friends and even proving that you are a likable person.

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Strange Breeds Of Cats- The Elf Cat

Are you ready to take home an Elf Cat? These unique cat breeds have some amazing temperaments that make them a great choice if you want a good indoor cat. So, what is there to know about the Elf Cat? Here is some information that should equip you accordingly.


• Attention Needing


The first thing you should know about the adorable Elf cats is that they are quite affectionate. Furthermore, these cats are friendly and they enjoy being loved. Don’t be surprised when you see the Elf cat sitting on your lap when you are on the sofa. She just wants to enjoy your love and the warmth of course.


• Grooming Needs


You will definitely want to keep your cat clean at all times. Well, the good thing is that these cats don’t have thick hair like other cats. For that, you won’t experience the constant shading. Even with their naked skin, these cats will want some regular cleaning.


They might have hairless skin, but the skin is wrinkled, and dirt can hide between the wrinkles. When you want to clean the cat, you’ll need some warm water, along with mild soap. Besides the skin, you should also check the ears, eyes, and nails for any debris buildup. For the eyes and ears, you should use damp cotton to clean the cat accordingly.


• Common Behaviors


You don’t have to worry about the behavior of the Elf cat. First off, they are quite well-mannered, especially when around other pets. You can also trust them around your kids because they are patient enough. This cat breed is one of the most social, and you will enjoy having him in the house. However, you will need to know that the Elf Cat don’t respond so well outdoors. That is why you need to keep him away from the direct sun.


You can enjoy traveling with this cat since they can be silent and they won’t disturb you as most cat breeds do.


• Health matters


While this cat breed might seem fragile to hang outdoors in the direct sunlight, they do have a strong immune system. The cats are resistant to a lot of diseases, making them a good choice if you want to save on the cost of treatment. If you take care of the Elf cat appropriately, you should expect them to last for almost 13 years.


With these temperaments, you should expect to get some relative Elf cat prices from the breeders. The good thing is that you will really enjoy having this cat breed at home. For more information on where you can find a reputable Elf Cat Breeder look no further than our good friend at Purrbastetsphynxandbambinos.com


10 incredible facts about insects!

10 incredible facts about insects!

1-How many insects are there in the world?

Scientific studies estimate that about 90% of living species are insects. This for several reasons:

  • Their remarkable abilities to reproduce.
  • Their small sizes, which allows them to hide easily from predators.
  • The exoskeletons that protect them optimally.
  • For some, their wings, which allows them to flee quickly and get safe.


 2-Do you know the beetles?

They come from the Coleoptera family and represent about 40% of the insect species. More than 380,000 species have been described to date.


3-How many ants are there in the world?

Do you like to observe ants in the summer? Know that for every human, there are 1.4 million ants.


4-Are there any insects in Antarctica?

While insects have been found almost everywhere on Earth, there are only one species of insect living in Antarctica. It is a gnat, the Belgica Antarctica. It measures between 0.2 and 0.58 cm, however, it is the largest terrestrial species present in Antarctica. It resists the freezing of body fluids because it absorbs sunlight to warm up.


5-Are there insects in the oceans?

The oceans are the only places where there is no presence of insects. It is assumed that the absence of plants for their diet and their habitat explains this absence. Another hypothesis suggests that the oceans are the guarded place of their cousins ​​the crustaceans.


6-How do the insects breathe?

Unlike humans, insects do not breathe through the mouth. Holes in their exoskeletons allow them to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.


7-Do insects have blood?

Insects have no blood but hemolymph. The organs are bathed in this hemolymph. Their hearts along the back of the animal contracts to send the hemolymph to the head. The hemolymph is light in color but can also be yellowish or greenish.


8-When do the first insects date?

The oldest insect fossil is about 400 million years old. It is assumed that they are part of the very first animals and that they were present about 170 million years before the arrival of the dinosaurs.


9-What is the biggest insect?

The known insect is an ancient species of dragonflies called Meganeuropsis, or griffin fly of a size up to 0.8 meters in scale. She was a Hunter of insects and small amphibians. She lived about 250 to 290 million years ago.


10- What is the longest insect?

The longest known insect is a species native to the island of Borneo, it is Phobaeticus. It can measure up to 66 cm

  • What is the heaviest insect?

The heaviest insect known is a grasshopper species native to New Zealand. It’s the giant Weta. It can weigh up to 500 grams.

  • What is the smallest insect?

The smallest known insect is Costa Rica’s Mymaridae. It is a species of wasp whose male is barely 0.139 mm.

What you need to know about the insect stick leaf

Life of the insect stick leaf

You can place your leaf stick insect in a glass terrarium or in a wire terrarium.

The advantage of the terrarium wire is that it will be much better ventilated. Indeed, keeping the terrarium is very important for maintaining a sticky leaf. 

A glass terrarium can cause the death of some leaf stick insects, especially when they are small. Spraying the glass walls creates a suction cup effect, and the small leaf stick insect can easily be stuck on the walls.

Feeding the leaf stick insect

Many leaf stick insects, at any stage, die due to lack of food. It is, therefore, necessary to correctly position the branches that will be used to feed them.

A branch to a little too far from the insect stick is an obstacle to regular feeding, and they could die from it.

It is essential that leaf stick insects have easy access to their food.

This is why it is better to get the leaf stick insects, especially babies, in a terrarium that is too large.

A large number of leaf stick insects. So be sure to find out what is best for your species.

Make sure to get your leaf sticks insects with sheets of appropriate size. Leaves that are too large, for example, causes difficulties for small leaf stick insects.

It is not advisable to choose a baby’s nest egg or bramble for feeding baby leaf stick insects. They are softer and will be easier to eat.

You can also cut the edges of some leaves to make the “juices” come out and make them more appetizing for leaf stick insects.

However, only a few leaves as they turn black very quickly. You will be in the blackened area every 2 days.

Be careful where you pick up your leaves. And above all, try to avoid leaves with pesticides. Leaf sticks would not survive. The ideal is to provide a forest.

The substrate of the insect stick

Coconut fiber can be used to maintain moisture even in a wire terrarium.

But many people prefer to wipe it all off and just have to moisten it.

Be aware that egg-laying can be done without any problem in the coconut fiber. Feel free to put up to 5 cm thick.

You can add on the coconut fiber to the brambles. To prevent the phasms from drowning, you can cover the jar with a small piece of aluminum.

For their success and survival, maintaining good moisture is essential for insect leaves. Indeed, they can not succeed if their skin is too dry.

So spray the brambles and substrate and place your insect in the terrarium in complete serenity. Visit Linsecterie.com to discover the variety of leaf insect for sale.

Breeding For Beginners

A tropical stick insect in Brazilian garden

Stick Insects are found in the and around sticks,  twigs or barks. Home legume breeding is allowed for most species. However, it is essential to know how to maintain them at best.

Unlike other farms, the breeding of stick insects does not require to have a large budget.

The feeding of stick insects

Most of the feeding of stick insects are easily found in nature. Some will eat ivy, Mille-pertuis, others of laurel and others of privet … The tastes differ according to the species.

The bramble, this unwanted weed of our gardens and which stings, remains their favorite food.

Be sure to rinse the leaves and branches that will serve as a meal for stick insects. This will help on the one hand to evacuate all the polluting gases found in nature and on the other hand to eliminate some insecticides present which could kill the stick insect.

Also, it moistens the leaves. Stick Insects can hydrate by drinking these droplets of water.


The reproduction of the stick insects

Many stick insects reproduce by parthenogenesis. That is, there is no need for mating between the male and the female for reproduction. In the wild, the sticks move very little and have few opportunities to meet.

Parthenogenesis then allows female phasms that do not encounter males to reproduce and maintain their species alive.

In terms of species of stick insects, some eggs will be dropped on the ground, while others will be buried.

The eggs of stick insects differ according to the species, and most of the time resemble seeds of different shapes.

Once the eggs are harvested, they must be incubated at a temperature and humidity appropriate to the species.

You will first get really small sticky pups (stage L1). Stick Insects then use molting to grow.

When they grow up and the skin becomes too narrow, they get rid of it for a bigger one.

A baby is of stage L1 and an adult can go to the stage L6, L7. That is to say, he will have molted 5, 6 or even 7 times.

In some, incubation can be up to 10 to 11 months.


Terrarium landscaping for stick insects

You can cover the bottom of the terrarium with paper towels, substrate, or untreated potting soil.

The advantage of the paper towel is that it is easier to maintain. Just remove it and replace it when it is dirty.

The earth when it holds moisture well. Vermiculite can also be used for egg incubation.

Place on vermiculite, potting soil or paper towel with a small pot containing water with the lid pierced to insert brambles.

For sticky babies, it is advisable to generously fill the terrarium with brambles to facilitate their feeding.

Also, be sure to moisten the terrarium by spraying the soil and leaves. A hygrometry of 60% to 80% must be obtained according to the species.

Then place your sticks on the leaves. All you have to do is observe them.