Why Does My Cockapoo ​​Bark At Other Dogs?

For many owners, going out to walk their dogs in the street or in the park is quite an odyssey, and there are a large number of dogs that when they see others of the same species start barking at them. This is very disturbing to the owners, who try in every possible way for […]

My Dog Is Eating Poop!

Coprophagia is the name given to the dog’s act of eating feces. The act of eating feces can be bad for your Golden Retriever’s health since feces are among the main sources of contamination of some diseases such as giardiasis and worms. After evaluating your Golden Retriever by your trusted veterinarian, ruling out the possibility […]

What to choose for the Flowers Of Love

You don’t need a college degree to know that roses are considered to be the color of love. They are used on multiple occasions, but specifically during valentines, wedding anniversaries, and other romantic events. However, they are not the only flowers that are considered to be romantic. If you want to go for romantic flowers […]

How To Handle a New Golden Retriever Puppy

Isn’t it fun to have a new puppy joining the family? You just can’t wait to have the new furry body to be included in the house. But there is a slight problem. Are you ready for him? Do you know how to handle the new dog appropriately? Well, you don’t have to scratch your […]

4 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Owning a Dog

  Dogs; the third most common pets in America that are well known as ‘man’s best friend.’ Without any doubt, dogs are the most loyal pets that anyone would have. With a dog, you can be sure of having more than just a pet. The dog can be your companion, but he can also be […]

Strange Breeds Of Cats- The Elf Cat

Are you ready to take home an Elf Cat? These unique cat breeds have some amazing temperaments that make them a great choice if you want a good indoor cat. So, what is there to know about the Elf Cat? Here is some information that should equip you accordingly.   • Attention Needing   The first […]

10 incredible facts about insects!

1-How many insects are there in the world? Scientific studies estimate that about 90% of living species are insects. This for several reasons: Their remarkable abilities to reproduce. Their small sizes, which allows them to hide easily from predators. The exoskeletons that protect them optimally. For some, their wings, which allows them to flee quickly and […]

What you need to know about the insect stick leaf

Life of the insect stick leaf You can place your leaf stick insect in a glass terrarium or in a wire terrarium. The advantage of the terrarium wire is that it will be much better ventilated. Indeed, keeping the terrarium is very important for maintaining a sticky leaf.  A glass terrarium can cause the death of […]

Breeding For Beginners

Stick Insects are found in the and around sticks,  twigs or barks. Home legume breeding is allowed for most species. However, it is essential to know how to maintain them at best. Unlike other farms, the breeding of stick insects does not require to have a large budget. The feeding of stick insects Most of the feeding of […]