Questions & Answers


We guarantee our insects during transport! Upon receipt of your order, we deliver our insects the following Monday We take this precaution to ensure the well-being of our insects, so they arrive as quickly as possible at home, without spending Sunday in a warehouse of the post for example.

Attention, we avoid any sending if the temperatures are too low, for the well-being of the insects.

If despite all the precautions we take for you to receive your insects in good shape, you receive them dead, you just have to take a picture of your dead insects still in the box, and we will send you back immediately and without any other fees. insects.

We ship our insects in the United States and the UK only.

We give very great care to our insects (which are all born in captivity).  The packaging is intended for this purpose: solid boxes, cross branches that do not move so that insects can cling without being hindered by the movements. Everything has always gone well since the launch of!


Multiple Bugs

Depending on the species, stick insects have particular preferences in their ecological needs (volume, ventilation, temperature, brightness, diet, hygrometry …), we can not sustainably manage the permanent breeding of several species in a single vivarium in which living conditions will be very special.

Also, it is recommended to separate the species that one wishes to raise in order not to expose oneself gradually to disappear a species, for which the conditions were not ideal, in favor of another for which the conditions were more favorable.