Praying Mantis Breeders

Here you will find many exotic species available for sale. All our mantises are sold between L3 and L5 courses. Delivery is guaranteed with Insectie.

The praying mantis and the other mantis

Mantis religiosa is part of the Mantidae family originating from Africa and is a species of mantis. But there is not only one kind of mantis among many others. Mantis, in general, are fascinating and easy to grow insects: they do not require much space and very little water. One of the other hand, it will be necessary to take care of one’s life, every day or every day (it is possible to leave the prey in the vivarium with the mantis).

By purchasing your mantle on Insectie, you are assured that it will arrive in good shape at home.

All mantis species presented here are available for sale

You will be able to discover the many species of mantis available for purchase on our online shop. 

But be careful, before buying your mantis, make sure you have all the necessary equipment. Some mantis, like the orchid mantis, are much harder to breed. Do not hesitate to consult our blog, to look at some articles, such as “what you need to know before you buy your mantis”, or “start in the breeding of mantes”.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us via facebook or via email. We accompany you in your breeding. Our goal is that you can grow as long as possible.

Ah, and last thing: we offer each time single mantes or couples, it’s up to you!

We do not just sell our mantes, we accompany our breeders to make sure they can grow their farms.