What you need to know about the insect stick leaf

Life of the insect stick leaf

You can place your leaf stick insect in a glass terrarium or in a wire terrarium.

The advantage of the terrarium wire is that it will be much better ventilated. Indeed, keeping the terrarium is very important for maintaining a sticky leaf. 

A glass terrarium can cause the death of some leaf stick insects, especially when they are small. Spraying the glass walls creates a suction cup effect, and the small leaf stick insect can easily be stuck on the walls.

Feeding the leaf stick insect

Many leaf stick insects, at any stage, die due to lack of food. It is, therefore, necessary to correctly position the branches that will be used to feed them.

A branch to a little too far from the insect stick is an obstacle to regular feeding, and they could die from it.

It is essential that leaf stick insects have easy access to their food.

This is why it is better to get the leaf stick insects, especially babies, in a terrarium that is too large.

A large number of leaf stick insects. So be sure to find out what is best for your species.

Make sure to get your leaf sticks insects with sheets of appropriate size. Leaves that are too large, for example, causes difficulties for small leaf stick insects.

It is not advisable to choose a baby’s nest egg or bramble for feeding baby leaf stick insects. They are softer and will be easier to eat.

You can also cut the edges of some leaves to make the “juices” come out and make them more appetizing for leaf stick insects.

However, only a few leaves as they turn black very quickly. You will be in the blackened area every 2 days.

Be careful where you pick up your leaves. And above all, try to avoid leaves with pesticides. Leaf sticks would not survive. The ideal is to provide a forest.

The substrate of the insect stick

Coconut fiber can be used to maintain moisture even in a wire terrarium.

But many people prefer to wipe it all off and just have to moisten it.

Be aware that egg-laying can be done without any problem in the coconut fiber. Feel free to put up to 5 cm thick.

You can add on the coconut fiber to the brambles. To prevent the phasms from drowning, you can cover the jar with a small piece of aluminum.

For their success and survival, maintaining good moisture is essential for insect leaves. Indeed, they can not succeed if their skin is too dry.

So spray the brambles and substrate and place your insect in the terrarium in complete serenity. Visit Linsecterie.com to discover the variety of leaf insect for sale.