Why Does My Cockapoo ​​Bark At Other Dogs?

For many owners, going out to walk their dogs in the street or in the park is quite an odyssey, and there are a large number of dogs that when they see others of the same species start barking at them. This is very disturbing to the owners, who try in every possible way for the animals to stop barking and continue walking peacefully. The barking of dogs in this case is a behavior that demands the attention of all the people who are near the place and that the owners want to avoid at all costs.

Reasons Why Dogs Bark At Other Dogs

Dogs bark for different reasons, which is why it is advisable to observe their behavior or posture to determine the cause of their imminent barking in order to know how to stop it. But these reasons are not always negative, since it may be that your dog barks when he is happy or wants to play. Pay attention to your body’s signals.

  • One of the reasons why the dog barks at other dogs are because they want to play with them. On many occasions, dogs bark to socialize with other dogs and it is their way of communicating. Your dog’s gaze when he wants to play is tender and his ears are up, like when you are going to do something to him and he is very excited looking at you attentively.
  • It is possible that the dog has felt a threat from other dogs and therefore is alert and barks. If he shows his teeth and has his ears tilted back, he is really angry.

Why Do Dogs Bark At My Cockapoo ​​A Lot?

If when you go outside you notice how other dogs bark at your cockapoo, perhaps the reason is that they feel threatened by it. They see it as an animal from which they must protect themselves, or it is possible that they bark at it for wanting to socialize and play with him.

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